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GComprehensive consulting and security solutions that ensure alignment with HIPAA regulations

Meet compliance requirements without time and resource constraints

Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance requires continuous monitoring and management of your IT systems and work processes. Even with the best automation, certain anomalies aren’t recognizable by software. For this reason, you need the expertise of regulatory professionals and a manned security operations center that monitors your network 24/7. Eagle Consulting Group’s HIPAA compliance solution ensures that you remain protected and in compliance.

We utilize industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, coupled with our standard security solution, to detect threats and intrusions to your network and respond to those threats in real time. These tools also provide the mandatory logs required by HIPAA compliance regulations and a location to store and review those logs in the event your company is audited.

We partner with The Compliancy Group which gives your company the ability to work with high profile HIPAA consultants and auditors who can quickly identify vulnerabilities with your internal procedures, patient/client practices and walk your business through recommended additions to policies and manuals to eliminate those vulnerabilities. The Compliancy Group works to bring your administrative procedures in to compliance on a website and they are immediately available to assist and be present for any HIPAA audits you may become involved in.


Our IT Infrastructure HIPAA Compliance solution provides:

  • Objective assessments of your medical practice by senior-level regulatory expert
  • Strategic recommendations on how to improve processes and patient practices
  • Real-time threat alert systems with dashboard updates and incident response
  • Unified functionality across all your servers, workstations, and mobile devices
  • Integrated threat intelligence for data confidentiality and security
  • Built-in compliance monitoring and reporting which reduce audit times by up to 90%
  • Indexed logs for easy search and analysis
  • Ongoing guidance to ensure you remain fully complian


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